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Flue Product Range.


TWIN WALL FLUE, This range provides for the assembly of twin wall flue systems with no on site fabrication that are for use with appliances fired with solid fuel, pressure jet oil or forced draught gas burners where the fuel gas temperature does not exceed 760 degrees. Stainless steel is used throughout the system and can therefore be used both internally and externally. A 25mm cavity width is maintained between the outer casing and inner lining, this being packed with high quality, asbestos free insulating material to reduce heat loss from the flue gases and gives a fast ‘warm up’ time from cold conditions. The outer case temperatures are considerably lower than experienced on single wall flues.



SINGLE WALL FLUE, Fluesafe Designs Single Wall flue is used on boilers and water heaters that are condensing or low temperature applications and is manufactured from a wide range of materials including corrosion resistant 316 grade stainless steel. Fully welded single wall flue is suitable for all condensing applications.






PRESSURISED SYSTEM, The Fluesafe Pressure System is a range of pre-fabricated single and twin wall flue systems designed for use on a wide variety of heating, process, ventilation and condensing applications.This system has a fully welded, sealed liner, which is capable of transmitting flue gases, fumes, process exhausts and water laden air. It can also be used on generator exhausts.







DOMESTIC or SMALL COMMERCIAL APPLICATIONS, Our domestic and small commercial product is a factory made twin wall gas vent system comprising of a range of straight pipe lengths and associated fittings and accessories. It is constructed with an aluminium liner protected by an outer casing usually made of Zalulite.






CONCENTRIC FLUE SYSTEMS, Concentric Flue Systems are mainly used on boilers and water heaters where the outer anulas of the flue provides combustion air directly to the boiler. Our concentric Flue product comprises of an inner that is either made from plastic or aluminium with an outer made from galvanised steel or aluminium.






VITREOUS FLUE, This is a single wall vitreous enamel steel flue pipe system designed for venting domestic muti-fuel appliances for internal use only. It is available in white, black and matt black as standard with additional colours on request. This comprises a full range of pipe lengths, with stainless steel clean out doors, associated fittings and accessories in five diameters. The range provides for an attractive and highly durable flue pipe to compliment the d├ęcor and is extensively used with AGA cookers.






BALANCED FLUE TERMINALS. The balanced flue terminal is designed to allow the vertical discharge of flue gases through a roof mounted unit, fitted with louvers on all sides providing high and low ventilation requirements in accordance with BS 6644The Balanced Flue Terminal provides architects and consulting engineers with an effective, economical and aesthetic solution where flue and ventilation requirements prove difficult to achieve. The terminals are manufactured in high grade aluminium for square, rectangular, mitred and turret models with the option of fire retardant GRP for circular units. We are also able to supply special designs to meet with architectural requirements.





FAN DILUTION SYSTEMS, A Fan Dilution System is only for use with very low sulphur fuel appliances. Each system is designed on the principle of diluting venting products of combustion sufficiently to reduce the CO2 content to the required level of below 1% and less than 100ppm for carbon monoxide.A Fan Dilution System is normally employed where difficulties are encountered in the provision of a conventional flue.