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About Fluesafe Designs Ltd.


Fluesafe Designs Ltd is a forward-looking company since its formation in 1998. It was formed with the sole purpose of designing and supplying quality flue systems at a competitive price to the heating trade and associated industries. We pride ourselves on our unique design facilities and the extensive range of flue products that we are able to supply, many of which are designed specially to meet the needs of our customers. This has enabled us to move forward in an ever-changing market.

Working closely with Corgi, as a Corgi registered company this has helped us to ensure that all of our designs and products meet with all of the latest standards and regulations. As a result of this we have received many commissions to supply unique 'one off' and standard systems for Government Bodies, Local Authorities, Education sectors, health Authorities and the Heating trade. With the ever changing standards this has allowed us to move forward with the times more than ever, being all the more aware that the systems we design also need to help look after the environment in which we live. Please contact us for further information on any of our products or services or to arrange a quotation.